A new start for an old project…

All of my projects and businesses are going to fall under a new umbrella company, “The Corrective”.

I’m starting database backups and the final takedowns of a project from a failed venture from a few years ago. It’s bittersweet. I need to move on as the information is no longer viable, and the format has to change. I’m also happy to be refocusing away from using the tools I created to creating new ones. I have a new goal/experiment for the project that will be focusing on taking bias in AI, and learning how to use it in a “differently” ethical way to change people’s mind. I’m not sure that it’s the right thing to do, but it’s no worse than the advertising we see everyday that tries to get us to buy products. The goal is still the same. Honesty in media and politics.

At the simplest, it is continually tunable bias in AI, with the assistance of a ledger based on blockchain technologies. A multidisciplinary approach is the best in most scenarios for software development. One of the things I hate the most about IT/Software Engineering, etc. is that the project is never done. It’s also one of the most exciting things about software. If you’re doing it right, you’re always thinking of faster, more efficient, more feature-rich methods. You should be thinking a few years down the road and have multiple road maps based on what does and doesn’t work. I suppose this is true for any successful and growing company. Stagnation in something you live and love isn’t an option. Continual growth and the realization that solid ground and givens are your enemy are going to be a major part of our philosophy and joy. Let the world learn and give back to itself through true democracy based on as close to solid fact as we can achieve. Our approach aims to be as incorruptible as possible.

For our blockchain, we’re going to go with Cardano. It has the most promise and is light and fast enough for our needs. We’re not discounting other tech, but a single country can’t decide what they think is true and let the rest of the world disagree or suffer anymore. World peace may never be possible, but a universal(worldwide) truth may be. After 5 years of research, we decided we need a Worldwide approach to the problem of bias. Our main problem is going to be developing a nation independent and unhackable system. It will clearly be an ongoing effort.

For now, The Full Aperture is effectively going on hiatus, and will start up again once this new project takes hold, as the background tech is usable.

Tallas Consulting will continue to be the consulting group.

The Corrective will be the umbrella thinktank for both ventures.

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