I’m looking at rapid prototyping for apps today. I found bubble.io and thought it looked a lot like Realbasic used to. So I decided to clomp on over to Google and see if Realbasic still exists, and it does! The changed the name to Xojo because, well… if it has a new name it’s a new thing? Anyway, kinda cool. it’s very nice to see they’re still in business.

I built a cross-platform desktop application for a company I worked at over 20 years ago with Realbasic. It was basically an ad/fashion image rotator that sat on a user’s desktop. If a user saw something they liked they could click on it, and a website would launch that would allow the purchase of said item. The company I worked at eventually died. Strangely, we were just too far ahead of our time. Xojo and their development platform let me develop, in a month, a solid app in a week that would have taken a year at least.

I have a project/client/startup that I’m looking forward to building an app for that needs to work across platforms, and I think I’ll try Xojo out for. It’s the closest thing to nocode that I’ve ever seen.

Anyway, Check out xojo if you’re looking for something that’s great for rapid prototyping and cross-platform. They’re long lived and have perspective, which is what I look for in a platform to build on.


*They have no idea I’m writing this article, and I’m not being paid anything for it. I think it’s just good to give a shoutout to a great developer with years of experience. Software companies like this are fantastic.

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