Spark AR Studio Dev Tests Pt1.

Spark AR Logo

I’m installing Facebook’s Spark AR Studio to see what’s possible with it. The installer notified me I have to install iTunes on my Windows laptop in order to display my work on iOS devices. That’s a little upsetting, but whatever.

In any case, if you’re looking at this and want to follow along, the link below will take you to Facebook’s Spark AR Studio. There’s a little description and and download link.

There are also links to install the AR viewer on iOS and Android.

Basically the tool allows you to create realtime augmented reality effects for Facebook and Instagram. It looks like a pretty simple process, and it might be useful for something. It might not be useful to me at all, but it’s something to do and learning new things is always fun. I have a long history with 3d animation and FX soooo it should be a breeze for me to pick up. Sara’s got her business starting and little AR FX and things for Instagram are probably as good for marketing as desktop backgrounds used to be waaaay back in the day.

A description of Spark AR Studio from their own blog is available below.

The Spark AR Creators Youtube Channel is Here

More to come in the next week or two…

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