Data Science Cheat-Sheets!!!–Cheat-Sheet-by-Asif-bhatt/find/master

If there’s anything we could use every now and then it’s a good cheat sheet.

After years of programming there are so many things you learn with every new project. There just isn’t room or will enough to remember everything. At some point in your career you’re going to realize that you still Google almost everything. Software, languages and OSes are just tools. Tools get updated, and there are always new ways to do things that used to take forever to accomplish. Sometimes, you just need a kick-start, or helpful reminder on how to do something.

If you really want to get people to leave you alone in your office, print these all out, and plaster them everywhere in your cube or office. Cheat sheets are also an amazing mental intimidation technique for coworkers that you want to leave you alone.

This is a great collection of cheat sheets for Data Science and Computer Scientists available on Github, curated by Ankit Sharma

If you want more cheat sheets, just Google it, and you’ll come up with a veritable crapalanche of help on any topic you desire.


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