50 Days From Zero To Hero with Kubernetes – Microsoft Learning Path

This is an amazing set of Kubernetes learning materials and tutorials from Microsoft, published in 2018. It’s full of videos and a minor amount of reading. You can probably blow through this in two or 3 days with a serious amount of dedication. If you just want to be relaxed about it, it would probably take you about a week and a half. It’s super simple to understand, and is designed for people with, as the title suggests, almost no knowledge of Kubernetes.

From the PDF…

Kubernetes is taking the app development world by storm. Already, 77% of companies with more than 1,000 developers that run Kubernetes are using it in production. Kubernetes is shaping the future of app development and management—and Microsoft wants to help you get started with it today. This guide is meant for anyone interested in learning more about Kubernetes. In just 50 days, you’ll understand the basics of Kubernetes and get hands-on experience with its various components, capabilities, and solutions, including Azure Kubernetes Service. Go from zero to hero with Kubernetes to set your company up for future app development success.

Kubernetes Learning Path version 1.0.pdf

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