Apple OS Upgrades vs Microsoft OS Upgrades

Next time you think about complaining about a Microsoft update and how they make such awful things that you use on a daily basis, take the following into consideration.

Think about how many millions upon millions of computers run Windows. How many third-party machines, different versions of operating systems, pieces of compatible software, and peripherals like printers, monitors, graphics cards etc. are there Microsoft needs to support with every single update?

Now… Think about how comparatively few products Apple has to support, and how often Apple constantly blunders updates for their own hardware and operating systems.

Now… Tell me who has better support for their products.
Apple or Microsoft?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Apple products. I love my Microsoft products. Both companies make great tools. I own and use both on a daily basis. My point here is not to disparage either company, but to point out that if you’re going to make a comparative statement about the quality of one product vs another, you have to take into account the complexity surrounding both products.

The impetus for this tiny rant was this great article from our tech kinfolk over at Ars Technica.

I originally wanted to publish this elsewhere, but it’s really an opinion that doesn’t qualify as news. It’s a personal annoyance that I don’t care to break down into bite size chunks for consumption. It’s fairly easy to extract the concepts from.

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